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Welcome to Clínica Barragán

Welcome to the website of Clínica Barragán, your aesthetic and plastic surgery, odontology and aesthetic medicine centre in Madrid.

In Clínica Barragán you will receive an unique and personalized attention. In our specialized departments we put the latest medical advancements and the most effective solutions at your disposal.

We are specialists in the most advanced techniques for breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift surgery that allows you to have the desired results without any complication. We provide an extensive array of different services such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid and cheekbone surgery, chin surgery, ear surgery, intimate female surgery and much more. Always entrusting quality and safety within our team of highly skilled experts.

If you wish to achieve facial rejuvenation, we offer specialized medical solutions. We offer the leading treatments in cutaneous rejuvenation, cellulite and weight loss, aesthetic chiropody and especially medical photoepilation (laser hair removal). We are also leading experts in vascular and capillary treatments.

In the odontology department we offer cutting edge techniques for aesthetic and dental treatment, dental whitening and non-surgical treatments to alleviate snoring.

Get to know the services at your disposal through this website and feel free to come for a first consultation where a fully qualified member of our team will assess your case personally.